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Barnabas welcomes Tyler Matl to Team Barnabas!

BARNABAS CLOTHING CO. is proud to present our newest brand ambassador Tyler Matl!  Tyler will help to continue our trend of partnering with young and exciting musicians that are taking the nation by storm.  Tyler is making his mark in the music industry bigger each day, leading up to his new EP which is set to be unveiled in Spring 2013.  In addition to his soon to be released EP “Searching for Juliet,” Tyler has already released his premiere album “wonderstruck.”  In between the release of the two albums, Tyler has released multiple singles, including a song specifically to aide the town of Newtown, CT.  Tyler’s music journey is one that currently take off, and surely to be one worth imitating!

Giving back is certainly no stranger to Tyler, as he has been involved in many different charitable causes including the “No H8” campaign.  Additionally, Tyler’s song specifically for Newtown CT contributes 100% of its proceeds to the town itself.  Alongside us here at Barnabas, Tyler will continue to promote himself in a charitable way that projects to a broad audience.  We cannot wait to support Tyler as he continues on both his musical and philanthropic paths.  Let this be the declaration that Tyler Matl and Barnabas Clothing Company are teaming up to make waves in every industry that we come across.  

Learn more about Tyler at http://www.tylermatl.com 


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