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Live Different

Written by Joshua Potter

“We are all about choice - the choice to live different”.

“We will not be persuaded by the lure of apathy or the haze of indifference.”

What if humanity was committed to live differently? A group of people got together in Canada and started an organization that would grow to hold three powerful and life changing programs. Live Different was created to empower middle and high school students to reach their full potential as bearers of hope and of change. It is this organization whose tag phrases grace the top of this article. Through service trips (called "Hero Holidays"), workshops, activities, and leadership programs, this Canada-based charity, changes the lives and hearts of the people they work with. But the beauty of a changed heart is that the ripple effect doesn't stop there. A changed heart can change the world. It can affect and improve the lives of hundreds, thousands. Can you see the possibilities?

Here at Barnabas we believe in change. We believe in hope and in love. That is why we support Live Different and all that they do. It is why we want to highlight the work they are doing to change the world. We believe in cross-cultural and cross-generational change. Why do you think a part of each of the profits made from any of our products goes to help a child in Western Kenya? That’s hope. That’s change. And who knows, maybe that child grows up to save one of our lives one day.  It’s a beautiful thought isn't it?

You can read more about Live Different at www.livedifferent.com


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