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The Giving Closet

Written by Sydney Johnson

The life of a celebrity is one filled with glitz, glamour, and endorsements. While many, if not most stars earn paychecks large enough to afford any label, they are still given free pieces from designers. One stylist however, decided to take this common business trend and style it in a charitable manner. Rather than sending set-aside merchandise to celebrities, wardrobe specialist Sam Russell, who has styled Stevie Wonder, Chuck Lorre, and Jon Hamm to name a few, saw an opportunity to empower women in need by providing them with clothing and a better future, which regardless of one’s opinion on the matter, have proven to nevertheless influence each other. 

What originally started out as just the thought of using connections in the fashion world to help women get and maintain employment has now transformed into a successful non-profit and has been making waves in the working world. Russell titled his project “The Giving Closet” and since its foundation in 2011, has been dressing women for success.

Russell has taken designer brands’ “PR swag” and transformed it into giveaways worth $10,000 for deserving women, such as student and mother of five, Shenee Crespo. Crespo spends her day commuting to and from work, which isn’t always easy since she does not have a car of her own, and once home dedicates her time to her children and online courses. The giveaway that Crespo so deservingly received included dresses, shoes, pajamas, just about anything one might fancy with a designer name attached to it. Seeing her reaction on Huffington Post’s coverage of the giveaway only proves that the work Russell has started is undoubtedly facilitating the inner and outer confidence necessary for anyone to do well in a busy and competitive workforce.

Although just barely into its second year of existence, “The Giving Closet” can now take credit for several life-changing giveaways just like Crespo’s. And with Hollywood as booming and stylish as ever, there is hope for this generous and intuitive organization to continue serving women in need. We here at Barnabas Clothing Co. also believe fashion can be fun and functional, and applaud Russell for his efforts in making fashion something we not only see on the outside but can feel great about on the inside.

You can learn more about The Giving Closet at: http://wardrobedept.com/the-giving-closet/ 



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