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Hannah's Hats

Hannah’s Hats for Barnabas Clothing Co.

A few years ago, Hannah Curran founded Hannah’s Hats to help raise money for foster kids in California. 
Hannah has made hundreds of hats and has given all of the profits to Olive Crest, which provides safe homes, counseling,
and education for at-risk youth. We admire Hannah’s passion and commitment to help foster kids.  She makes the
world a better place, one hat at a time. Hannah is living A Life Worth Imitating by the way she gives her talents, time,
and energy to help others. We are excited to introduce our exclusive partnership with Hannah’s Hats for Barnabas Clothing Co.
The purchase of each beanie makes a difference to foster kids in California, and as always, 10% of each sale at Barnabas
goes to support The Living Room International in Kenya. How awesome is it that with the purchase of one of these beanies,
you can help foster kids in California, and people with terminal illnesses in Kenya, while scoring a sweet beanie for yourself?!

 The beanie that gives back…twice!!!